Focus on data analysis to improve endogenous growth momentum

After 20 years of rapid development, China’s real estate industry has grown into an indispensable pillar industry of the national economy. However, the era of brutal growth of the real estate industry is coming to an end, and the future trend of the real estate industry is more and more concentrated. Sun hongbin, Sunac’s chairman, admits that the market share of the top 100 housing companies is now more than 40 per cent, and he believes it will be 70 per cent in five to 10 years

Eliminate the data isolation

For example: integrate multiple disconnected business system databases for comprehensive data analysis.

More accurate data presentation

For example: say goodbye to the blind image of data cognition, comprehensive data presentation let you control the overall situation!

Answer questions anytime, anywhere

For example: What was the sales of seven off-road vehicles in east China last month?

Real-time data insight

For example: The recent increase in total income comes from a big increase in female consumers in Shanghai

“The industry competition is more and more intense, advance or retreat! This requires us to be more efficient in every way, providing management with a full range of data insights to cope with rapidly changing markets and policy changes. DataFocus integrates data from the whole group level to monitor capital flow in real time, gain insight into customer demand changes, and assist sales department to design more accurate promotional activities.”

Everyone becomes a data analyst

Money manager

Cash flow is the lifeline of real estate enterprises. Various financial warning indicators such as inventory and payment collection are set, and real-time financial indicator analysis panel is built. DataFocus enables us to fully control our cash flow situation at any time.

Project manager

To make a good investment forecast of real estate development projects, it is necessary to fully analyze various data related to such projects, such as population distribution, per capita income, transportation and urban planning, housing price trend, etc., and use DataFocus to easily integrate various data sources for comprehensive analysis.

The marketing manager

From the analysis of weekly and monthly sales, problems can always be found. Through the drilling analysis of different projects and regions, targeted promotion plans can be designed efficiently and flexibly.