Partner Program


DataFocus’s leading data search engine technology that understands human language has revolutionized the way traditional BI products interact, greatly improving the ease of use of products. Partners have long been ploughing in all regions or industries and have good business resources. Through the partnership program, both sides can integrate advantages, help customers make scientific decisions using data, together to create professional solutions to help customers succeed!

Based on the principle of win-win cooperation, DataFocus carries out the partnership plan, combines our unique product technology advantages and excellent channel capabilities of partners to create perfect customer solutions, bringing real value and benefits to customers.

Partners will get

✔Innovative technology and product capabilities
✔Quick deployment and quick benefit
✔Stable and long term revenue growth
✔Impressive industry profits

Product agency cooperation

Based on the existing products and market resources of DataFocus, the agent partners independently complete the sales, implementation, consulting and after-sales services of DataFocus products, and work with the DataFocus team to achieve business, profit and customer satisfaction growth goals. Agent partners should have the ability to develop markets and services independently, have their own sales, consultants and service personnel, and be able to complete the agreed business revenue and customer satisfaction indicators.

Cooperative income

✔Sales package and supporting materials
✔Get a seminar on training and partners.
✔Internal product discount
✔Technical support support

Industry cooperation program

Industry partners use years of accumulated industry market understanding and customer service experience, combined with DataFocus product technology, jointly create industry market solutions to provide customers with more professional services. Industry partners should have great influence in one or more industry markets and years of industry customer service experience, and be able to independently complete the business revenue and customer satisfaction indicators agreed in the industry cooperation program.

Cooperative income

✔High performance semantic search engine integrated with DataFocus
✔Improving software usability through advanced natural language technology
✔Build a flexible solution
✔Free training course

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