Focus on data analysis to improve the efficiency of medical resources utilization

The lack of supply in the health care industry cannot be effectively improved in the short term. However, the contradictions of difficult access to medical services, poor quality of medical services and unreasonable allocation of medical resources, as well as the low medical utilization efficiency caused by excessive medical treatment exist simultaneously. Medical data area and industry are divided seriously, forming numerous data isolations. By using DataFocus to integrate and apply these data into analysis and management, optimize resource allocation, gradually improve the operating efficiency of existing medical resources, improve unit resource output, provide effective data analysis support for the medical insurance industry, and effectively improve the contradiction between medical demand and insufficient supply.

Eliminate the data isolation

For example: integrate multiple disconnected business system databases for comprehensive data analysis.

More accurate data presentation

For example: say goodbye to the blind image of data cognition, comprehensive data presentation let you control the overall situation!

Answer questions anytime, anywhere

For example: What was the sales of seven off-road vehicles in east China last month?

Real-time data insight

For example: The recent increase in total income comes from a big increase in female consumers in Shanghai


“Hospitals are always busy, not just front-line doctors and nurses, but colleagues in the support department. The entire hospital, up to each department, down to the outpatient department, produces a large amount of data every day. DataFocus provides us with an efficient system analysis platform. The hundreds of millions of data from multiple business systems can be analyzed in minutes.”


Everyone becomes a data analyst

Medical department

The clinic is always the busiest department, and improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment is our long-term goal. Through continuous data analysis, we gradually optimize the triage process. When we integrate epidemic data, we can even predict the peak number of outpatient visits during epidemics.

The nursing department

Through the model analysis results established by DataFocus, we found some interesting rules. These conclusions enable us to arrange reasonable hospitalization time according to the characteristics of users, and even accurately predict some extended hospitalization time and reduce the risk of returning to hospital for secondary treatment.

Administrative logistics department

The information center, statistics, medical records and other departments have accumulated a large amount of data. Through DataFocus’s powerful model analysis function, we have set up several data analysis topics, which have brought great benefits to the departments in succession, and we are trying to conduct more thematic analysis.