Focus on data analysis to improve risk control

ver the years, IT construction of financial institutions has mainly focused on the production and application of business innovation and expansion of business scale. With the increasing scale of assets, increasingly diversified business forms and rapid growth of business scale, financial institutions generally need to improve the capacity of differentiated development, risk control and compliance operation. In the future, IT application of financial institutions will develop from production to management. DataFocus provides an efficient data analysis engine, which helps financial enterprises to do fine management in operation analysis, risk control, strategic decision-making, in-depth customer information mining and other aspects.

Eliminate the data isolation

For example: integrate multiple disconnected business system databases for comprehensive data analysis.

More accurate data presentation

For example: say goodbye to the blind image of data cognition, comprehensive data presentation let you control the overall situation!

Answer questions anytime, anywhere

For example: What was the sales of seven off-road vehicles in east China last month?

Real-time data insight

For example: The recent increase in total income comes from a big increase in female consumers in Shanghai

“We have been looking for a system that can do self-service data analysis, and there are many products that can do it, but they are too complex and difficult to use. It takes a long time of additional training…”

Everyone becomes a data analyst

Information department

Every time we had a large team working on ETL, the same size support team working on code development for various models. All of this work can now be performed in simpler ways, and DataFocus has doubled our productivity.

Risk control department

Without the strict supervision of our risk control department, the expansion of financial business is a beautiful castle built on the beach. We have established a whole set of risk control indicators monitoring system with DataFocus, which can be rapidly modified to adapt to the regulation methods.

Operations department

Through multi-dimensional customer data screening, we recommend different marketing activities to different customers, but this often cannot get the best results in the first place. Our approach is to continuously adjust the customer filter model according to the feedback data. DataFocus provides us with the greatest convenience. The modification of the model does not require a lot of customized code, which makes it possible to quickly iterate to achieve the goal of the best model.