Focus on data analysis to build a high-quality education brand

Education expenditure in China has become the second largest daily expenditure. Traditional colleges and universities are faced with fierce competition of students and teaching quality. Private education sectors supplemented by career education and Internet education are thriving with abundant social capital support. However, competition is the eternal theme, and the ability to gain an edge in the emerging tide of the industry is tested by the refinement of management capacity of each institution. Use DataFocus agile data analysis ability to quickly optimize various business processes, improve the efficiency of use of funds, and quickly gain competitive advantage for your enterprise.

Eliminate the data isolation

For example: integrate multiple disconnected business system databases for comprehensive data analysis.

More accurate data presentation

For example: say goodbye to the blind image of data cognition, comprehensive data presentation let you control the overall situation!

Answer questions anytime, anywhere

For example: What was the sales of seven off-road vehicles in east China last month?

Real-time data insight

For example: The recent increase in total income comes from a big increase in female consumers in Shanghai


“Education industry experience is very important, users can’t get good experience, can’t get knowledge easily and happily, can’t build a decent education brand! DataFocus is helping to undertake a comprehensive analysis of our business, a comprehensive optimization of the user experience… we have made good progress!”


Everyone becomes a data analyst

Academic affairs department

From the size of each course to the size of each lesson, we can analyze the teaching effect through detailed data model, and analyze video to capture the interaction between teachers and students and the change trend of students’ attention, so as to optimize the more targeted teaching methods.

The Marketing Department

The source of students is the lifeline of education industry. The Marketing Department spends money on marketing and brand building, so we need tools like DataFocus to effectively evaluate the efficiency of fund use.

Logistics department

Logistic service is a cost center, which can neither reduce service quality nor increase costs. By using data analysis, we can reduce unnecessary expenses and get twice the result with half the effort.