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Using DataFocus to build your data analysis team!

It’s as simple as search.

Natural language based data analysis engine

● search is analysis, zero code, no drag and drop.
●Intelligent reminder function to make input more efficient.
●Extensible multilingual support

High speed memory computing engine

●Adopt MPP based column data storage technology, which can cache hundreds of millions of data at a time.
●Memory real time operation, without building a cube in advance.
●Single level tens of millions of data can be routinely querying for second level response.

Intelligent visualization engine

●Data auto adaption graphics
●anytime, anywhere, one key drilling and linkage.
●The analysis results can be embedded in any web web page.

Big data warehouse

●Multi data source support, easy integration of TB level data
●The unique snowflake model supports complex database models.
●Support cross system analysis and completely break data islands

Multiplayer collaboration

●Support multi person collaboration for data analysis, analysts can also share their excellent report with one key
●Excellent analysis examples receive a lot of praise, which allows you to quickly screen out the most valuable analysis examples
●Timely message alerting ensures that analysts do not miss the latest analysis reports, set data thresholds, and send regular email notifications and alerts

Privatization deployment

Users can set up their own Data Focus data analysis system through private deployment, so that you immediately have: a large data warehouse + 1 data visualization system + 1 data analysis engine + 1 report system.


“it is too early to establish theories will be a negetive tempt to our occupation when the data is insufficient”


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