Why do beer and diapers sell better together?

Why do young women with diabetes have a significantly higher readmission rate?

How does a supermarket know that a 17 year old high school girl is accidentally pregnant?

Finding these patterns in tens of thousands of categories requires analyzing millions of possibilities, and human analysts need 100 years!

  Intelligent analysis and insight

  • Hidden patterns found in tens of millions of possible combinations within minutes.
  • Based on the DataFocus search results, the story behind the data is further discerned.
  • Active learning of human analysis methods, the more use of the more intelligent

  Natural language generation analysis report

  • Automatically generate data analysis report based on analysis results;
  • Description and interpretation of data analysis results in natural language generation
  • Automatic data analysis, presentation and interpretation

  Row level authority control

  • Fine-grained data control to table, row and column accurately
  • In the same search, data from different departments and different authorities are different.
  • Using SAML protocol, you can easily integrate with your system and single sign on.

  Privatization deployment

Users can set up their own Data Focus Pro data analysis system by means of privatization deployment, so that you immediately have: 1 large data warehouse + 1 data visualization system + 1 data analysis engine + 1 report system + 1 data mining system.


“it is too early to establish theories will be a negetive tempt to our occupation when the data is insufficient”


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