If we can know the sales volume next month...

If we can predict inventory in the next quarter,

If you can give me an alarm before the equipment fails,

DataFocus's proprietary algorithm helps you predict the future.

Supply chain optimization

Excellent supply chain management creates robust cash flow and builds competitive edge for modern enterprises. Datafocus helps customers accurately predict inventory levels, demand changes, raw material prices, and thus respond quickly to changing market conditions, complex and diverse supplier systems, uncontrollable flow rhythms, and increasingly pressing delivery pressures.

Flow prediction

Transportation and Internet industries need to plan production or cope with server pressures by accurately predicting user traffic. By analyzing your historical traffic and related factor data, Datafocus accurately predicts the next stage of traffic levels, and prepares for your work.

Price prediction

Frequent fluctuations in commodity prices, such as agricultural products, often lead to huge fluctuations in the income of large agricultural enterprises, which is not conducive to long-term stable production activities. The weather information, the price of agricultural products over the years and the geographic information are input into the data focus system to accurately predict the next stage of commodity prices, greatly reducing the risk of business activities.

Risk fraud warning


Equipment failure alarm

High-value large-scale key equipment is the core assets of enterprises. enterprises collect a large number of equipment operation data through sensors, use the data focus system prediction module to analyze, identify the early warning signal of equipment failure, and provide more guarantee for the production of enterprises in advance.

Quality Control

The fluctuation of product yield in modern manufacturing enterprises has a great impact on profit margins. Importing factory production data into datafocus and forecasting production data to improve product yield will bring considerable profits to enterprises.

Privatization deployment

Users can set up their own Data Focus data analysis system through private deployment, so that you immediately have: a large data warehouse + 1 data visualization system + 1 data analysis engine + 1 report system + 1 machine learning engine + 1 prediction system.


“it is too early to establish theories will be a negetive tempt to our occupation when the data is insufficient”


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