Focus on data analysis to create industry-leading competitiveness

China is a major country in the communications industry, ranking as the world’s XTH in the number of mobile phones per capita, and the world’s first in the number of smart phones. If such a large user group can do some data mining and analysis more efficiently and pertinently and improve the efficiency of various business departments, the benefits will be extremely huge. Datafocus’s memory computing technology and elastic extensible framework can effectively solve the data acquisition speed bottleneck in the telecom industry.

Eliminate the data isolation

For example: integrate multiple disconnected business system databases for comprehensive data analysis.

More accurate data presentation

For example: say goodbye to the blind image of data cognition, comprehensive data presentation let you control the overall situation!

Answer questions anytime, anywhere

For example: What was the sales of seven off-road vehicles in east China last month?

Real-time data insight

For example: The recent increase in total income comes from a big increase in female consumers in Shanghai

“We have a huge amount of data. Billions of data is very common. We will build a huge data cube, which can solve some problems. DataFocus is another lightweight solution that is more flexible and natural language data queries are the biggest bright spot!”

Everyone becomes a data analyst

The Marketing Department

We have designed a variety of business packages for users, but how to conduct accurate marketing for the vast number of customers requires accurate user portraits. The mathematical model built by DataFocus can help us accurately match customers.

Business support department

DataFocus can quickly and flexibly analyze and process data at both terabyte and petabyte levels, as well as single-service and multi-service systems.

Human resources department

The daily data analysis tasks, such as personnel efficiency analysis, performance assessment, input and output analysis, are particularly troublesome. The efficient search of DataFocus to produce charts greatly reduces the workload.