Business intelligence software comparison: DataFocus versus Qlik Sense

DataFocus is just released soon for self-help analysis of business intelligence software, committed to the development for everyone to use analysis tools, geared to the needs of ordinary business people, adopted the classes in English and Chinese natural language search data analysis process analysis and a key automatically analysis data, more easy to use, and provide enterprises with a comprehensive data management and organizational management strategy. As a BI product that has been operated for many years, Qlik, with its unique data association engine technology supporting the global association as its biggest feature, easily helps users to explore ideas and insights in big data visualization.

There are three different versions of DataFocus: Standard version, professional version and expert version. There are also multiple versions of Qlik. Below is a simple comparison evaluation of the two business intelligence software, DataFocus Standard and Qlik Sense.

DataFocus is the first data analysis system that supports natural language search in both Chinese and English. With automatic modeling and simple searching interaction, the system can automatically answer with data or charts, support data screening, drilling, data linkage and other operations, and freely and multi-angle data analysis. Let not have the code ability, not familiar with the data structure of the business personnel can also quickly get on the hands of a beautiful in-depth data graphics.

DataFocus system architecture:

As a typical agile BI desktop software, Qlik Sense has good performance. Its graphics style is concise and clear, highlighting the data subject. The QVD and QVX files that cover a wide range of data sources and are built by themselves optimize the data loading speed, which is faster than direct input of data files or access to database. Data association is his main function point. After using the star model to connect data, the query speed is faster. Support scripting language for personalized in-depth analysis of charts and more detailed data processing. It is an established product that is a leader in the Gartner data analysis magic quadrant annual report.

Compare the two software by function:

1 data connection

DataFocus supports two ways of data connection: data source connection and data extraction to the system. It also supports total or incremental updates of data in whole or single tables, and supports regular updates.

Qlik Sense also supports two ways of data connection: data source connection and data extraction to the system. However, in the new aspect of data, only full-volume updates are supported, which cannot be accurate to a table, and regular updates are not supported.

2 data source support

Both DataFocus and Qlik Sense support mainstream databases, text data sets, and so on. However, Qlik Sense supports many data sources, such as cloud database and text data sets in more formats. It also supports QVD and QVX files as well as data loaded through binary QVW files. It is faster and more resource-efficient than loading directly from the data source.

3 data processing

DataFocus adopts the mode of intermediate and associated tables to effectively support simple ETL operations of data, such as adding public columns, data consolidation, filter cleaning, grouping statistics, using partial fields and other functions, and does not require complex SQL operations with high learning cost.

Qlik Sense supports some simple ETL operations. Complex data processing requires code operations through the R interface, which is not easy to learn.

4 data visualization and analysis

DataFocus support Chinese natural language analysis, the user can explore the data, by means of man-machine dialogue with AI systems can understand the problem of human about the data in order to respond to the questions of a variety of charts and data, not like a common drag drag operation to the user in advance in constructing a good graphic data structure, data truly help business people to explore the problem of data. Support data drilling, filtering, linkage and other operations, multi-angle, various dimensions of free data analysis. At the same time, we also have rich and beautiful chart types, and select the appropriate chart types intelligently according to the data problems.

Qlik Sense also USES the common drag-and-drop operation method in the market, which allows the user to select the chart type showing the data first, and then let the user select the matching column of the dimension and measurement item according to the chart limit, to generate the corresponding chart. The charting style is concise and flat, which highlights the data information and avoids the redundant decorative interface to affect the user’s information intake. In this regard, DataFocus is the same design. Data linkage is supported, with more flexible lasso operation for grouping selection, but without in-depth analysis approaches such as drilling, rotation, etc., relying on users to independently use R interface and use code for further analysis, with poor self-service and insufficient chart type.

5 user and data rights management

DataFocus supports adding users to the tripartite database in the form of organizational personnel information and system build up. Manage users through the administrative organizational structure of the enterprise. In terms of data rights management, the fine-grained access control to the rows and rows of the table enables users with different rights to see only the data in the table consistent with the rights according to the needs of the enterprise, which is safe and convenient.

Qlik Sense you need to use Qilk Cloud the visual results are Shared, need administrator on the Cloud side will add to the list of share collaboration were given permission to interact, but not to edit cannot view the data of charts, the publisher I also can not directly modify Cloud side visual results and redistribution after need to cancel.

6 the mobile

The mobile terminal of DataFocus does not need to be redeveloped. Enterprise WeChat updates the PC terminal analysis report synchronously, so that users can know their data at any time and anywhere.

Qlik Sense MobileAPP supports IOS and Android, and supports the same interactive function as Cloud with HTML5 as the carrier. There is no editing function, only mail sharing.

总结:本次对比只是简单测试了Qlik Sense的功能,相比来讲Qlik server虽然价格昂贵但拥有更强大的功能,DataFocus Expert也提供了机器学习模块可以轻松进行数据预测,后续有机会应进一步比较两款产品的最强大版本功能。


Conclusion: this comparison is just a simple test of the function of Qlik Sense. Compared with Qlik server, which is expensive but has more powerful functions, DataFocus Expert also provides machine learning module to make data prediction easily. There is a chance to further compare the most powerful functions of the two products.

From two entry-level version of the product function comparison, Qlik development for more than ten years in the field of data analysis, data storage patents once it is the biggest competitive advantage, but as the column type storage and memory database technology of rapid progress, QVD speed data load has little advantage, it is not compatible with the outside world instead of the data format brings obstacles for the popularization of products. DataFocus has changed the interactive mode of data analysis, which directly turns the drag-and-drop mode into the search mode, and supports users to interact through natural language like, which greatly improves the convenience of analysis and lowers the threshold of data analysis.