Key areas for big data applications

Nowadays, big data is more and more well-known to the public, and the industry of big data application is more and more extensive. New application fields of big data can be seen almost every day, so as to help people get additional value from the data. The results of big data analysis have been integrated into various work activities, affecting the behavior or decision-making of many organizations or individuals.

So how exactly does big data help people mine valuable information?

Next, let’s enter the key field of big data analysis application and see the charm of data mining.

Know yourself and know your enemy — improve your sports performance

Nowadays, more and more athletes use big data technology to analyze during training, which can not only capture their own sports and physical conditions in a timely manner, but also analyze the performance of their opponents!

For example, the IBM SlamTracker tool for tennis nose plugs, we use video analysis to track the performance of each player in a football or baseball game, and the sensor technology in sports equipment (such as basketball or golf club) allows us to get data on the game and how to improve it. Many elite sports teams also track the activities of athletes outside the competition environment – monitoring their emotional state by using smart technology to track their nutritional status and sleep, as well as social conversations.

Rapid response prediction — improving medical care and research and development

The computational power of big data analytics allows us to decode the entire DNA in a matter of minutes, and allows us to develop the latest treatments while better understanding and predicting diseases. Just as people wear smartwatches and other data that can be generated, big data can also help patients get better treatment for their condition.

Big data technology has been applied in hospitals to monitor the situation of premature infants and sick infants. By recording and analyzing the infant’s heartbeat, doctors can make predictions about the possible discomfort in the infant’s body, which can help doctors better save the baby.

Accurate algorithm — financial transaction

Big data mainly applies financial transactions in the financial industry. High frequency trading (HFT) is a field where big data is widely used. Big data algorithms are used in trading decisions.

Many equity deals are now done using big data algorithms that increasingly take into account social media and website news to decide whether to buy or sell in the next few seconds.

Life tips — improve our city

Big data is also being used to improve cities in our daily lives. For example, based on real-time traffic information of cities, use social networks and weather data to optimize the latest traffic situation. At present, many cities are conducting big data analysis and pilot projects.

Social security guards — improving security and law enforcement

Big data has now been widely used in the process of security law enforcement.

Everyone knows that the nsa USES big data to fight terrorism and even monitor People’s Daily lives. Enterprises use big data technology to defend against cyber attacks. Police use big data tools to catch criminals, and credit card companies use big data tools to detect fraudulent transactions.