DataFocus|Drag-and-drop & double-click :selecting which visualization operation is your one pick


Business intelligence visualization analysis in line with the more simple, more business people’s usage habits are evolving. At present, the market is mainly drag-and-drop layout, such as FineBI, BDP, etc. While DataFocus does not follow the mainstream, choose double click operation, why? What’s the difference? Follow the steps of the editor to explore together.

What is a drag-and-drop layout?

Drag-and-drop layouts drag and drop content items such as set menus/lists, custom content blocks, or functional modules into a web page to arrange their location relationships. In BI products, the preliminary design interface of various components is drag and drop, the dimensions and indicators of each component are defined, and the display style of the form is set.

Let’s take a look at the following page screenshots:


Drag the “customer name” in the data column field on the left to the dimension column and the “order amount” to the numeric column to get the analysis chart.

  1. double click to choose information lines

DataFocus search

Double-click on the Search page to select the field, and the list name can be displayed and the chart can be generated in the Search bar. The system selects the optimal chart display, and the user can select the chart type and process the corresponding field on the chart axis. All processing is done with one click

DataFocus search

In addition, in the DataFocus system, you can also input query statements through the input box to generate charts through NLP analysis, bilingual support. You want to search what you want to get what results, in the search bar with natural language input. While typing, the system can also automatically guess your next input, actively learn your search habits and thinking habits, how, isn’t it very human? This is DataFocus’s unique global feature, and we’ll share more details about it next time.

To sum up, drag-and-drop operation is very convenient as a general self-service search method, and user experience is good. The double-click selection information column used by DataFocus makes the page simpler, and this advantage becomes more obvious when the data information is complex. On this basis, DataFocus also added the operation of generating ICONS by NLP analysis, which is more in line with users’ usage habits, and the generation process is more convenient. Business and data are separated to meet the usage requirements of business personnel without technical background.

One kind of drag and drop can analyze the data, and one kind of mouse can select and click the required information column to analyze the data. Unlike excel which needs to write various function formulas, local Chinese enterprises research and development, which is suitable for the analysis of complex Chinese reports.