The ERP, CRM system already has data analysis module, why do you need DataFocus?

Most enterprises, including some e-commerce enterprises and Internet enterprises, have CRM system, erp system, and these business systems have data presentation module, data statistics module. Do they need professional data analysis systems, or do they need to deploy independent data analysis tools?


The internal deployment of an independent data analysis system, the integration of multiple business systems and the integration of comprehensive data will bring the following values to the enterprise:

1. Multiple data corroboration

An enterprise may have multiple business systems, and each business system has its own data statistics module, which can give some business indicators, such as the sales conversion rate, daily order volume, monthly sales volume, and so on. However, the emphasis of multiple business systems is different. If we can integrate the data in multiple business systems for analysis, we can obtain the value confirmed by the data, which makes us more clear about the reliability of the data analyzed from different dimensions.

For example, the data of CRM system shows that the sales volume increases day by day. Why is the finance department complaining about the sales volume still so much? Therefore, you went to check the data of ERP system and found that a large number of orders were in the state of waiting for delivery. Was it due to insufficient inventory or inadequate logistics? At this point, if you have total control over the data, you can pinpoint the problem, without waiting until the production department and the sales department start talking about the problem of insufficient raw material supply.

2. Value of relational data discovery

Sometimes multiple business enterprise independent deployment corresponding business systems, such as the financial department will deploy an independent financial software, the human resources department will have their own HR system, while the production department will have MES system, these systems respectively recorded the data of enterprise group various specific business units, seemingly unrelated. However, if these data can be integrated with professional data analysis tools, enterprises can often obtain new dimension indicators through correlation analysis through specific fields.

For example, by associating the HR system with the financial system of the enterprise, you can analyze the attendance of employees in different wage periods and the HR system with MES system. You can analyze the production quality performance of different employees according to the entry time. Relate the financial system to the CRM system and you can analyze the cost of sales at different times and so on. These data across business systems can bring you a lot of novel dimensional indicators to help managers find problems and locate problems more quickly.

3. Comprehensive data and overall grasp

With the further development of the Internet, the enterprise organization structure is changing, the traditional pyramid management system may be to flatter the migration, if middle management not only can analyze a single department data, also can across departments, share data across the company, will have a comprehensive knowledge of the business, so they in the production management will be more keenly aware of problems, find a better solution, so as to create more value to the company.