Sync with thoughts

Questions about data change at any time, without prior modeling and real-time answer without waiting.
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As simple as google

— it interacts by asking questions in human language and automatically responding with data or graphs
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Analyse any time

–Cloud search engine. At any time, standby analysis. There is no need to pre assign data analysis tasks.
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Product video tutorial

–Q&a interaction, search experience, revolutionize your data analysis business process!


analysis business process!

“We have a huge amount of data, billions of data is very common, we will build a huge data cube, which can solve some problems. Datafocus is another lightweight solution that is more flexible, and natural language data query is the biggest bright spot!”

“We’ve been looking for a system that can do self-service data analysis, and there are many products that can do it, but they’re too complex and difficult to use, and it takes a long time for extra training… until we come across datafocus, which is queried in a natural language and is easy to use to build a shared data score across multiple business departments Center of analysis!”

“ Education industry experience is very important, users can not get good experience, can not easily and happily acquire knowledge, is unable to establish a decent education brand! Datafocus is helping us do a comprehensive analysis of our business, optimize the user experience in all directions… we’ve made good progress!”

Let big data analysis be as simple as search!